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Osteoporosis refers to the reduction in the amount of bony tissue within the skeleton, with a loss of structural integrity of internal architecture of the bone. These changes mean that osteoporotic bone is at high risk of fracture. Ostoporosis is prevalent in postmenopausal women. In Hong Kong, one third of women aged 50 or above have osteoporosis. Women who have ovarian resection at early age will result in premature menopause and have a higher chance of osteoporosis. Other high risk group include those with long term steroid use, relapsing thyrotoxicosis, smoker, and family history of osteoporosis and osteoporotic fracture. Osteoporosis usually goes unnoticed until fracture happens after a trivial injury. Hence, high risk individual should undergo appropriate investigation like Dual-Energy Densitometry (DEXA) and receive treatment if needed.

Short stature
Bone development is influenced by different hormones, which may affect body growth and height if there is hormonal abnormality. For example, deficiency in growth hormone, thyroid hormone can lead to short stature. Early onset of puberty result in short final height. Vitamin D deficiency results in osteomalacia and also short stature. Parents should seek medical advise if they suspect their children having short stature.